Knowledge Catalog and Governance

An actionable inventory of your company knowledge

Knowledge Graph-driven Data Spaces

KCONG is a shared catalog of distributed digital assets, like datasets, APIs and other digital artifacts, described with consistent metadata profiles


a data space architecture to unleash the power of your digital assets


the knowledge about your digital assets within your organization and with your partners


asset publication and access through customizable governance rules


the asset lifecycle, including the creation of software artifacts and their deployment


A single source of truth for your company

KCONG catalog gives FAIR access to all information of your company: master data, reference data, transaction data, APIs and any other digital artifact

Complex governance models and automation

Approvals, deadlines, notifications… if you can model your asset lifecycle processes in BPMN, then KCONG can enforce them, including your CI/CD automation pipelines

Data sovereignty

You can securely share information with your team and with your partners preserving data ownership: KCONG enables case-by-case and group permissions

Harmonize knowledge to answer your questions

Incrementally add your distributed information sources to KCONG data space, harmonizing your knowledge and paving the way to answer all your business questions

A case study

KCONG was used in the scenario designed for Milano-Cortina 2026 in the SPRINT project. It allows to effortlessly consolidate in a unique catalog the European multimodal travel information made available by each member state and unleashes unprecedented business opportunities.

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KCONG is based on Semantic Web technologies: adopting the abstraction and principles of data spaces to manage diverse and independent information sources, KCONG seamlessly governs digital assets’ metadata, incrementally building a harmonized knowledge graph of your company data, without the need for a tight and costly integration, and offering added value access services, customizable via SPARQL queries and JSON-LD Frames.


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